Tailored English seminars in Tokyo for busy and business people.

At Waimak, we specialise in assisting our clients to achieve and exceed performance targets by offering a range of Seminars, regular English language classwork, coaching and individual training. We understand the difficulties and special challenges of working in the modern day multicultural business landscape, be they managing local or non-Japanese staff, reporting to an offshore Head Office, an Expat boss or daily business communications with offshore co-workers, suppliers or customers. Whether you are a corporate trainer, HR manager, Senior manager or an individual, Waimak is able to assist in taking you and your organisation to the next level of Business Communications excellence.

Upskill Seminars

Waimak's Upskill Seminars have been designed to make an immediate improvement to your productivity and the quality of your business related output.




Tailored Training

Irrespective of your particular circumstances, our team, In consultation with you will develop a flexible yet targetted programme tailored to your specific needs.




General Classes

We offer a wide range of general language courses based on leading English language training texts such as Oxford University, McMillan and many others according to client's requirements as well as the class attendee skill levels.




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