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At Waimak, we specialise in assisting our clients to achieve and improve on its performance targets by offering a range of English language seminars.

Upskill Seminars

Waimak's Skillup Seminars have been designed to make an immediate improvement to your productivity and the quality of your business related output.


In this seminar you will learn to take a strategic approach to your presentation.


In this course you will learn how to quickly improve the quality of your Email communications.


Our Meeting Skillup Seminar will provide you with a skills toolbox and let you build the confidence needed to get the most out of meetings.


Writing persuasive and action plan based reports is a key business skill if you are in a senior position.

Special Trainings

Irrespective of your particular circumstances, our team, in consultation with you will develop a flexible yet targeted programme tailored to your specific needs.

General Classes

We offer a wide range of general language courses based on leading English language training texts.


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